Earth Week is the perfect time to “Go Green.” Four Star General Cleaning uses only environmentally sound maintenance programs and cleaning products. Refer a friend or colleague from April 22 to May 22 and get 10% off your monthly account.


New York, NY — This past Sunday was April 22. Since 1970, April 22 has been observed as Earth Day in the United States. In 1990, Denis Hayes, the original coordinator 20 years prior of the first national Earth Day, brought it to the international community, organizing events in 141 countries. Earth Day (sometimes Earth Week) is now celebrated in over 175 countries worldwide. In 2009, the United Nations designated April 22 as “International Mother Earth Day.”

Companies across the globe mark the day and week with special programs and events to honor our planet and raise environmental awareness. Philips unveiled its most technologically advanced LED bulb to consumers for the first time this Earth Day. It is the most energy efficient bulb in the world.

Wegmans, rated the country’s leading supermarket chain by Consumer Reports, held an Organic Festival to teach children and adults alike about organic farming and environmentalism. Customers who brought in plastic bags to recycle received a free reusable canvas bag. Since the introduction of their reusable bags in 2007, Wegmans has reduced its plastic bag use by approximately 4,000 bags.

Like Philips, Wegmans and other environmentally conscious companies, Four Star Cleaning does what it can to promote safe and clean living. The philosophy of Four Star Cleaning is to be clean in as many aspects as possible. Using products with harmful toxins, both to one’s health and to the environment, is counterintuitive. Four Star Cleaning provides green cleaning services, using only environmental friendly products, equipment that conserve water, as well as participating in and promoting recycling programs.

If you want to have not just a clean office but a clean world, Four Star Cleaning is the way to go. To honor the planet this week, Four Star Cleaning is offering 10% off to any new monthly account or referral. There is never a wrong time to care about the environment and to do what one can to help save the planet. To learn more about our green cleaning practices and to get a free quote, contact Four Star Cleaning at or call 212-741-9400 today.


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