Your Carpet Cleaning Experts in NYC

Let’s face it: Whether you live in New York, Manhattan or anywhere else, a carpet in your office will never remain as impeccably clean as when you first moved in. Hundreds of shoes will walk on it each week, dust will settle, and much more. The only way to restore your carpet to its original state is by hiring a professional carpet cleaning service: That is why we are here!

For over 20 years, Four Star General Cleaning has been the leading expert for carpet cleaning in NYC. We understand that there are numerous ways to clean a carpet, and we are fully equipped with the knowledge and skills to do so effectively – even for the toughest jobs.

The three techniques that we use are as follows:

Carpet steam cleaning

When implementing this method, also known as hot water extraction, we use water at the temperature of at least 180 degrees. The water cleans best at this temperature, because hot water is the most effective way to kill fleas (as well as other small insects) and bacteria that may be hiding within your carpet.

Low moisture carpet cleaning

This method involves using a dry compound (a cleaning agent), mixing it with water, and spraying it onto the carpet. We use a brush or a rotary floor machine to apply the cleaning agent on the carpet in order to loosen the dirt and germs. The brush is then used to remove the excess bacteria and grime.

Dry carpet cleaning

This method involves applying a dry compound onto the carpet so that it absorbs the dirt. We then vacuum the carpet to remove the dry compound, making the carpet instantly clean and dry.

If you are seeking a commercial carpet cleaning company in the New York City area, Manhattan, Brooklyn, The Bronx, or Queens, contact us at Four Star General Cleaning today. We can provide a free estimate by phone at (212) 741-9400 or through our online contact form.