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Tile Cleaning

Tile cleaning has always been a challenge in NYC offices and buildings. It is very hard cleaning your tiles and grout. Just mopping the tiles won’t make them clean, especially if you want to clean the dirt located between the cracks of the tiles. So then how does one clean the tiles? They don’t. There is expensive machinery available to clean tiles (which we have and use), but it’s cheapest to hire a professional cleaning company. At Four Star General Cleaning Services, we use the latest in cleaning technology to get effective tile cleaning done. Our Tile Cleaning process involves heat, high-pressure rinse and vacuuming. We use a special cleaning solvent to clean tiles and grout effectively. This process of tile cleaning is the most effective way to clean tiles. At Four Star General Cleaning Service, we clean tiles in a way most home and business owners aren’t able to do because they don’t have the resources to do so.

Please call Four Star General Cleaning Services to get your tiles clean and for a free estimate. When it comes to cleaning tiles, nothing beats four star NY NY cleaning service at Four Star Cleaning.