Activeion Cleaning Solutions Latest Offering

Of all the new green office cleaning & germ-killing products to hit the marketplace over the last few years, few come close to the eloquence and high techiness of Activeion Cleaning Solutions latest offering. Meet industrial cleaning services’ newest green germinator: the Activeion Ionator.


The Ionator works by applying the dual process of electrolysis and electroporation to ordinary tap water to create ionized water that both cleans and kills harmful germs by sanitizing surfaces. It’s a green technology because it uses no chemicals and it’s environmentally and family-friendly.

It’s also revolutionary technology. Activeion based the Ionator on a large industrial cleaning services machine manufactured by the Tennant Company. Tennant’s industrial cleaning services machine cleans by applying the process of electrolysis to ordinary water to create Electrolyzed Oxidizing Water (EOW). It’s an effective cleaning solution, but Tannant’s machine is big and producing EOW requires a lot of energy, so it’s expensive to use. It’s is also expensive to purchase: Tennant’s machine runs into thousands of dollars.

Activeion’s Ionator, on the other hand, is an inexpensive handheld device that’s powered by a simple chargeable battery. As a germinator, however, it’s as effective as its predecessor. Activeion says its Ionator will kill more than 99.9% of harmful bacteria along with the Pandemic 2009 H1N1 influenza A virus.

Several industrial cleaning services have adopted the Inoator including Massachusetts based UGL Unicco and the City of Albuquerqu’s Green Clean Institute Certificated industrial cleaning services provider.

Yeah, But Does It Work?

A Healthy House Institute staff writer recently questioned the Inoator’s effectiveness in a blog post titled Activated Water – Does it Work? HHI feels that the amount of electricity needed to produce effective ionized water is far greater than what the Inoator can possibly produce from a small battery.

A second criticism is that electrolysis can ionize water only if there is enough salt, and HHI doubts that ordinary tap water has enough salinity for the low-powered Inoator.

Activeion responded by saying that while the Inoator does use electrolysis, it does not depend on electrolysis to clean and sanitize surfaces:

“The core science used in the Activeion products to kill germs is called electroporation . . . [t]he science of electroporation applies a low-level electric field to the target cell. This electric field creates holes in the wall/membrane of the cell allowing for the injecting of DNA. In the scientific literature creating these holes is referred to as “porating” the cell wall. In some applications, the electric field is applied in a way that actually destroys the cell . . . [in short] we created a device that uses the science of electroporation to permanently break down the cell walls of germs – killing the germ.”

As for cleaning, Activeion had this to say:

“The Activeion devices use the electrolysis step to create charged bubbles . . . [t]his electrical charge helps attract the bubbles to the dirt via the principle that “opposite charges attract” . . . [t]his action helps break down the dirt allowing the dirt to be more easily wiped from the surface.”

Whatever the merit of the arguments, for or against, Activeion’s device is winning raves and acolytes from all types of users, from large businesses and educational institutions right down to Laura Dern and Bill Nye.

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