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Meet Industrial Cleaning Services’ Newest Green Weapon

Activeion Cleaning Solutions Latest Offering Of all the new green office cleaning & germ-killing products to hit the marketplace over the last few years, few come close to the eloquence and high techiness of Activeion Cleaning Solutions latest offering. Meet industrial cleaning services’ newest green germinator: the Activeion Ionator.   The Ionator works by applying […]

Always Call in Office Cleaning Professionals

OK, in addition to calling in a professional to clean your office, simply because they’re going to be more efficient then you (and you’ve got better and more productive things to be doing with your time, right?), this is another reason to call in the professionals: Hazmat Team Called after Refrigerator Office Cleaning Mishap “Firefighters had […]

What your Janitor Service Should be Doing 7 Important Steps

While video chatting with my mother the other night online, she complained to me about all the visitors that would arrive in her home over the next few days. I said “Mom, that’s great! You tell me all the time how lonely you are. What’s the problem?” “Because now I have to clean!” she said. […]

Cleaning Their Way Through the Recession

If you think that the bad economy is mopping the floor with just about every business on the planet — think again. The crazy real estate boom of the past 15 years, the cost advantages of outsourcing, and even the swine flu have all but insured that professional office cleaning companies are the ones doing […]

Making Office Cleaning Both Safe and Green

Recommendations From Yale’s Green Cleaning Committee Today’s “green consciousness” is driving business and institutions to become more environmentally sustainable. One of the easiest ways to do this has been for organizations to retool how they handle office cleaning. A leader in this area turns out to be Yale University’s Office of Sustainability. In 2006, Yale’s […]

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