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Professional Office Cleaning Services

With over 30 years of professional office cleaning services experience in the NYC area, including Manhattan, Brooklyn, The Bronx, and Queens, Four Star General Cleaning Service has garnered a reputation as being one of the most affordably priced, thorough, hardworking, and friendly office cleaning companies in the NYC area. When looking for a professional office cleaning service, it is important to look for a commercial cleaning company that has a good reputation so that you know you can trust their janitors will professionally clean your facility, and ensure your facility is clean and comfortable for your office staff and creates a good first impression to visiting customers

We offer basic cleaning packages for professional office cleaning and more comprehensive packages for specialized janitorial services, such as carpet cleaning, floor waxing, stripping and sealing, power washing, and window cleaning.

Why Professional Office Cleaning is Important

A dirty office can negatively impact your employees’ morale and make working difficult, which would inevitably hurt the success of your business. In fact, the number of sick days the average employee takes each year directly correlates to the number of germs on an office desk. Thus, the purpose of a professional office cleaning service is to remove the common germs and allergens found on desks, computers, keyboards, lunchroom tables, and carpets. Office cleaning means healthier employees and a more efficient workplace.

What is Involved?

We provide unsurpassed janitorial cleaning and maintenance services through active management and outstanding quality control measures. Our commercial office cleaning service is designed and implemented as a custom cleaning program that can be adapted to fit your individual office needs and company budget.

Professional Office Cleaning Services for Board rooms

What is included in office cleaning?

We offer basic commercial office cleaning packages for general cleaning services and more comprehensive packages for specialized office cleaning jobs. Our basic cleaning packages may include but are not limited to:

Commercial Office Cleaning

  • Sweep all non-carpeted flooring with a chemically treated dust mop to prevent
    dust dispersion. 
  • Damp-mop all non-carpeted flooring. 
  • Vacuuming carpets and rugs
  • The dusting of workspaces, surface areas, and office equipment  (e.g., file cabinets, shelves, etc.) within arm reach
  • Empty wastebaskets and remove them from the disposal area. (trash removal on floors other than the main floor must have elevator services)
  • Change plastic liners as necessary. 
  • Dust tables/desktops/workstations. 
  • Thoroughly clean the same when cleared of paperwork. 
  • Clean and remove smudges and fingerprints from entrance doors. 
  • Clean window sills
  • Clean and sanitize telephones. 
  • Dust and damp-wipe chairs, clocks, and pictures. 
  • Entranceways and corridors cleaning
  • Clean elevators and stairways
  • Spot Cleaning

Kitchen / Coffee Area (Below items as applicable) 

  • Wipe clean all counters and cabinets, the exterior of appliances, and coffee machines; does not include collection. 
  • Damp-mop and sanitize the floor. 
  • Damp wipe inside the microwave and coffee maker 
  • Clean appliances like the coffee maker
  • Load & run dishwasher. (Dishes in the sink only) 
  • Damp wipe inside the refrigerator. 


  • Sweep, damp-mop, and sanitize floors. Clean and sanitize sinks, toilets, and urinals. 
  • Clean and restock dispensers: soap, paper towel, toilet tissue, and feminine hygiene. 
  • Clean and polish mirrors, chrome, and hardware. 
  • Damp wipe walls and partitions by sinks, toilets, and urinals. 
  • Cleaning bathrooms, showers, etc.
  • Washing and folding towels (optional)

Additional Comprehensive Cleaning Services 

  • Window Cleaning (In/Out) 
  • Carpet Cleaning 
  • Spray Buff Floors Strip and Wax Floors 

Four Star General Cleaning Service prides itself on providing all janitorial labor, equipment, and supplies to ensure the very best results as well as a highly convenient service for office managers and company directors. However, we do not supply trash liners, trash removal bags, toilet tissue, and paper towels. If your NYC office or facility needs assistance in ordering these products, we can order them for your facility and add the cost to your monthly office cleaning service invoice.

Our professional janitors will clean and restock your washroom when they arrive at their scheduled time and clean the office. We then will perform quality checks to ensure our high office cleaning standards have been met, so you can rest assured your facility is thoroughly cleaned.

How do you Deep Clean an Office?

Now more than ever, commercial office spaces require deep cleaning. A deep clean ensures that germs, bacteria, and dust particles are fully removed from the workspaces, thus leaving your NYC office in the best condition. The process requires various steps, such as:

  • High dusting all vents and light fittings.
  • Dusting doors, doorknobs, walls, baseboards, etc.
  • Carpet vacuuming and floor cleaning, including behind furniture.
  • Sanitize all office workstations, computer keyboards, and monitors.
  • Cleaning staff kitchen facilities, including appliances and cupboards.
  • Machine scrubbing restrooms and cleaning all bathroom furniture.
  • Dust and wipe down all office surfaces with a CDC-approved cleanser.

Four Star Cleaning Service completes all of the above steps as part of the deep cleaning process while completing all necessary checks to ensure that the office spaces are in pristine condition. Better still, by conducting the work out of hours, there is no risk of disruption to your business or staff.

Why is a Clean Office Important?

Aside from the direct correlation between cleanliness and sick days, a clean NYC office is crucial for various reasons. The benefits extend to employees, clients, and visitors, which ultimately translates to better results for your company. Some of the telling incentives include, but are not limited to;

  • Create a better first impression when clients visit your commercial office premises.
  • Boost morale, which subsequently brings increased productivity and friendlier customer interactions.
  • Remove potential hazards ranging from cuts and bumps to electrical fire faults.
  • Protect computers and office machinery, thus reducing faults and the need for replacements.
  • Avoid wasted time caused by poor organizational skills and misplaced items.

Essentially, a clean NYC office will ensure a safer, happier, and more productive working space, while additionally creating the best environment possible for your business. Four Star General Cleaning Service helps you achieve all of those rewards and more.

How to choose a commercial cleaning company?

Commercial cleaning in NYC should be the preferred route to office cleaning for all office managers. In-house cleaning from an employee wastes time and money, not least because a lack of knowledge and industrial equipment will prevent the worker from completing a thorough job. Besides, an employee will rush the job and may not always have time to perform cleaning tasks when they have other duties to attend to in their workday. Moreover, the fact that they will need to fulfill those duties during office hours can cause a distraction to their colleagues.

Whether it’s Manhattan office cleaning services or commercial office cleaning in the Burroughs, only the best will do. Unfortunately, there are dozens of solutions on the market. The following checklist should help you navigate the minefield to unearth the right option for your company. The best office cleaning company should;

  • Boast experience and expertise in your chosen workspace – office, bank, medical facility, school, etc.
  • Work with the latest technologies, equipment, and cleaning materials on the market.
  • Provide a dedicated Covid-19 virus sanitization protocol built to tackle modern-day challenges.
  • Offer 24/7 availability, flexible scheduling, and transparent pricing at a competitive rate.
  • Use green cleaning supplies to promote increased safety and reduced carbon footprints.
  • Have a track record of delivering excellence week after week, year after year.
  • Have professional and bonded janitors who are uniformed
  • Have liability insurance that will cover any damages including workplace injuries
  • Have positive reviews from a variety of clients
  • Be able to perform comprehensive cleaning when needed, like high-dusting, stripping and sealing, or waxing floors

With Four Star General Cleaning Service, your business will receive all of the above and much more. We pride ourselves on boasting an extensive knowledge of cleaning NYC offices, banks, schools, medical facilities, and a wide range of commercial settings to the highest standards. At the same time, our world-class Covid-19 sanitization response, which uses OSHA, CDC, and EPA-approved disinfection, is just one example of how our team continues developing to remain NYC’s #1 service. Businesses are invited to call us to discuss their specific needs today!

How Much Does Professional Office Cleaning in New York Cost?

Office cleaning in NYC costs greatly depends upon your individual schedule and requirements, i.e., whether you hire us for a minimum of 2 hours once a week or for a few hours daily, weekly, or monthly to fulfill your maintenance needs, will decide how much your cleaning costs will amount to. However, you can rest assured that we offer some of the most competitive prices on the market, and thus you are guaranteed to receive the maximum value for the minimum cost.

Friendly Janitors You Can Trust

Here at Four Star General Cleaning Service, we don’t only understand commercial office cleaning and sanitation; we also understand you. Our friendly janitors are trained, certified, and bonded. At the same time, they appreciate your increased concerns in the era of COVID-19 and your desire to maintain optimal productivity and safety.

Our friendly janitors provide full transparency through every step of the cleaning arrangement, ensuring that a convenient schedule is supported by a comprehensive, thorough, and fully personalized office cleaning in NYC service. After a quarter-century of helping businesses like yours, there’s no situation or problem we haven’t seen before, thus enabling us to identify and implement the best cleaning processes in the fastest possible time. Our passion for cleaning truly delivers stunning results every time and allows you to focus on your passion for actually running a successful company.

Why Choose Us?

At Four Star General Cleaning Service, we are dedicated to providing each and every one of our customers with the superb service that they deserve. From daily maintenance to unexpected situations, we are always prepared to handle your distinct cleaning needs with skill and expertise. In addition, our technicians are fully insured and Bonded, and our janitors are professionals! If you need professional office cleaners in the NYC area, call us at (212) 741-9400 or fill out our online contact form today!

Four Star General Cleaning Service provides commercial cleaning services to facilities in NYC. For over 30 years, companies have counted on us to satisfy all of their janitorial needs.  Whether your company is large or small, we will customize an office cleaning program that is customized for your business and at the frequency of service you require.

Our Commercial Office Cleaning Services

Here are the types of cleaning services we provide. If you are interested in our cleaning services and work in the New York City area, call us at
(917) 779-8336 or fill out our online contact form today!

As a doctor’s office, it’s imperative to be as clean and as germ-free as possible. 4 Star does an excellent job of maintaining the level of cleanliness we require to best serve and protect our patients. We couldn’t do it without their help.

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