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High Dusting Services
For Ceilings, Air Ducts, & Pipes

It’s important to know how high dusting should work so you know that your cleaning company is cleaning the way professionals are supposed to clean and they are thoroughly removing dirt buildup in those high areas of your space.

What Is High Dusting?

High dusting is the process of cleaning difficult to reach spots and removing bacteria, dust, and dirt build-up. The reason that this process is called high dusting is because the areas that are being dusted and cleaned (air vents, ceilings, pipes, etc.) are usually over 16 feet high above the floor.


Why Is High Dusting Important?

High dusting cleaning is a very important part of commercial cleaning, the reason being that the areas that are being cleaned during high dusting (also known as detailed cleaning) are the areas that many people neglect to clean. The best commercial cleaning companies make sure to do detailed cleaning and it’s recommended to only hire a cleaning company that makes sure to clean the walls, pipes and other areas where dirt and grime buildup occurs.

While many people who clean their offices make sure to clean the carpetwindows, and wax the floors, many people neglect to clean the air vents and ceilings. One might hire a professional cleaning company to clean the floors and carpets for them, but one rarely hires a professional office cleaning company to clean the air vents and remove dirt buildup in these places. Just because many cleaning areas might be neglected that doesn’t make the cleaning of those areas less important than cleaning obvious areas, such as the floor.

At Four Star General Cleaning, we want to make sure that you have the most meticulous and clean office possible, which is why we make sure to do the high dusting.

How Do You Dust A High Place?

The way to remove dust from the ceiling is not by blowing the dust off with a blower. The way to remove dust from the ceiling is with a vacuum cleaner. HEPA vacuum cleaners are the best type of vacuums to use when removing dust from the ceiling. A HEPA filter vacuum is the most effective way to keep fine particles of dust from getting into other hard to reach areas.

After the area is properly vacuumed, some additional janitorial cleaning may need to be done. Sometimes all that’s needed is to clean the ceiling area with wet towels. It’s recommended to use buckets of soap and water to clean the high areas (such as the ceiling) after the vacuuming is done.

Request  Commercial High Dusting Services

It’s best to have a cleaning company that will not just make sure that the visible areas of your office are clean, but all the areas. Just because you might be unaware that certain areas of the building need to be cleaned, a professional cleaning company will know to clean these areas and if they really care about making your office clean and removing as much dirt and grime as possible, they will make sure to do some high dusting. At Four Star General Cleaning Service, we want all our clients to have their offices as free from bacteria as possible. If you are in need of high dusting cleaning services in the NYC area call us at (212) 741-9400 or fill out our free cleaning estimate today!


As a dentist I definitely need my office to be clean, and Four Star General Cleaning has provided great prices and reliable quality cleaning. I would definitely recommend them!

Christina Liu – Dental Office NYC