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Professional Bathroom Cleaning Service

Bathroom cleaning is so important! janitor-mopping-floors-New-York-CityHow your bathroom looks reflects on the business. People judge a place by how clean the restroom is. When people go to a restroom they expect the room to be dirtier than the other rooms so many people assume that customers would be more forgiving if they saw a dirty bathroom than if they say other dirty rooms in the office building. However, a building that has a dirty restroom loses more business (typically) than a place with a clean restroom, which is why it is so important to make sure that the restroom is properly cleaned.

Why You Should Clean Your Bathroom

According to a recent Harris Poll survey, 86% said that a clean restroom is as important as a clean kitchen and 75% said that they wouldn’t return to a restaurant that had a dirty bathroom. Cintas Corporation also conducted a similar survey and 94% of people said that they wouldn’t do business with people (again) who had a dirty bathroom, irrespective of the industry.

While certain businesses lose more business than others if they have a dirty bathroom (restaurants and hotels lose the worse-according to 80% of the people surveyed), having a dirty bathroom is bad for all businesses.

The Cintas Corporation asked over 1,000 adults what specific types of businesses they would avoid if they encountered dirty restrooms, and they reported the following:

  • Restaurants – 79 percent
  • Hotels – 79 percent
  • Health Care Facilities – 77 percent
  • Supermarkets – 50 percent
  • Retail Stores – 45 percent
  • Gas Stations – 45 percent
  • Car Dealerships – 39 percent

“To satisfy customers, businesses must ensure restrooms are consistently stocked, clean, dry, and functioning” explained Dave Mesko, Senior Director of Marketing, Cintas.

What this shows is that if you want to have repeating customers (which is pretty much every business) neglecting to properly clean your bathroom can cost you more than germs, but a loss of money as well.

Professional Restroom Cleaners in NYC

Having a clean restroom maintained properly in Manhattan is a big challenge. Many of the complaints that the staff of most establishments has are about dirty bathrooms. Having a dirty bathroom causes a foul odor and germs, and also causes disgruntled workers, which is bad for office personnel. Restroom cleaning is important for health reasons and it’s also a courtesy to employees. A dirty restroom could create bad press for your company; this is why we accord real importance in making sure your restroom is clean. An NYC cleaning company like Four Star General Cleaning Service is able to provide you a restroom cleaning service including deodorizing service thanks to crystals element checked and switched if it’s necessary.

What Are The Most Important Duties When Cleaning A Bathroom?

At Four Star General Cleaning Service, our bathroom cleaning service includes (but is not limited to):

  • mopping floors with disinfectant
  • cleaning and sanitizing fixtures
  • clean mirrors
  • polish bright metals
  • clean supply pipes
  • clean waste receptacles
  • clean ceiling vents
  • clean hard water stains.

We propose a customized cleaning service for our clients that will include and adapt to unique restroom cleaning needs that NYC companies may require.

Bathroom & Restroom Cleaning Services

It’s important to have a clean restroom and making sure the restroom is properly disinfected and cleaned is a dirty job, but at Four Star General Cleaning Service, our trained and certified cleaning employees will make sure that your bathroom is as clean as possible. To find out more about our bathroom cleaning services in the NYC area call us at (212) 741-9400 or fill out our online contact form today!

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