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Green Commercial Cleaning Services

Our green cleaning services including green carpet cleaning will leave your facility clean and without leaving harmful airborne chemicals. When cleaning, there are workers who use everyday products and substances that affect their health and the environment. Some cleaners produce irritation and allergies, and many are carcinogenic. Detergents also emit some volatile toxins.

At Four Star General Cleaning Service, we feel that the environment is an essential thing for respect and for the wellness of everybody. So we use only cleaning supplies like green cleansers, green cleaning agents, organic disinfectants, and environmentally friendly deodorants.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Supplies

We do an effective job with eco-friendly cleaning supplies. The cleaning supplies we use are as good (if not better) at cleaning than the non-green products are. If the goal of a professional cleaning company is to make sure that your office doesn’t just look nice, but removes dirt and germs, it’s pointless to use products that get rid of the germs on the floor but create germs in the air.

Our goal is not just to make sure the office looks clean but is environmentally clean, this includes the visible contaminants on the floor as well as the non-visible toxins in the air. At Four Star General Cleaning Service, we are able to use cleaning supplies that don’t contain toxins.

Our Commitment at Four Star General Cleaning Service:

  1. Utilize only environmentally sound cleaning and maintenance programs.
  2. Promote water and energy conservation in its choice of cleaning equipment and systems.
  3. Reduce waste and consumption of finite resources. Promote and participate in recycling programs.
  4. Continuously be an advocate for greener, healthier, and more sustainable cleaning.

Green cleaning has become very popular now that there are environmentally friendly cleaning supplies for just about everything. Toilet paper, soap, laundry detergent, floor wax, air freshener, and many others have green versions of them. You don’t have to avoid using an air freshener to care about the environment since companies sell green clean air fresheners that aren’t hard to find and at a reasonable price. To find samples of all sorts of supplies, visit the Green Seal website, There you will find a lot of different types of green cleaning products.

Green Commercial Cleaning Products

It’s no secret that home-based and office-based cleaning products and services are shifting towards “greener,” more environmentally sound cleaning methods and products. Four Star General Cleaning Service’s newest green cleaning product, the Activeion Ionator turns ordinary tap water into ionized water — but don’t worry, the only thing it kills is germs, all without using cleaning chemicals. The Activeion Ionator allows people to have cleaner water without having to use environmentally toxic chemicals in the process. Moreover, it won’t harm the skin or eyes, and it can be safely ingested and inhaled. Green cleaning products are what make the Four Star General Cleaning Service the best commercial cleaning choice in NYC.

At Four Star General Cleaning Service we are interested in helping companies develop safer cleaning products making your facility clean and safe to work at. If you would like to know how you can find out more information on the newest developments in green cleaning products and learn how you can participate in conserving energy at your business, please contact us.