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Stripping and Sealing Floors

Stripping and sealing will reduce marks and scratches which will protect the floor from future dirt entering and harming the floor. Although laminate tile, stone, and hardwood floors are made to be resilient and long-lasting, for this to occur, the floors require being cleaned so they look shiny and new. Without proper maintenance, floors can lose their sheen. Stone, laminate tile, and hardwood floors can develop wax buildup and yellow discoloration. If the grimy wax buildup and yellow discoloration aren’t cleaned and taken care of, this problem combined with deep scratches acts like a magnet that attracts even more dirt and grime.

At Four Star General Cleaning Services in New York, we can remove your floor’s old sealer and reseal it with a high-quality floor wax sealer and buff the surface so the floor looks sparkling brand-new.

If you are looking to strip and seal your floors to be durable and shine, hire the professionals at Four Star Cleaning. We provide service to the NYC area, Manhattan, Brooklyn, The Bronx, or Queens.  Call us at (212) 741-9400 or fill out our online contact form today!