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Retail Store Cleaning Services

If you’re looking for retail store cleaning services in New York City that are professional and can offer affordable cleaning services, look no further than our commercial cleaning company. We are available 24/7 and offer a variety of cleaning services to fit your unique retail store’s needs. Contact us today to get started! 

At Four Star General Cleaning Service, we’re here to help you with your retail store cleaning needs. Our commercial cleaning company in NYC offers you the very best when it comes to cleaning your store. With over 30 years of experience, our team of professional janitors is fully insured and bonded and is committed to ensuring your retail store shines – literally.

Why Choose Four Star General Cleaning Service?

Why choose Four Star General Cleaning Service? The answer’s an easy one; it’s because we’ve got the experience and the expertise to ensure the cleaning you ask for has been performed and meets our high company standards. With three decades in the cleaning business, we’ve honed our janitorial skills and gained great partnerships with businesses throughout New York City. Our many happy clients throughout the past three decades make us leaders in the retail cleaning services industry. We provide regular weekly cleaning services with a minimum commitment of one time a week for 2 hours in Manhattan. If you need your NYC retail store cleaned regularly, call us today to discuss your unique cleaning needs. You’ll be happy you chose us to help you. 

Still need convincing? Here are just some of the best reasons to choose us to take care of your janitorial services. 

Flexible Cleaning Hours

Retail stores can have peak hours and varying schedules, but that’s not a problem for our flexible team of janitors who are available 24/7 – we can clean your retail store at any time that suits your business needs, fitting right into the way you work without any problems. Whether you need daily cleaning during store hours or a deeper clean each evening after the shop’s closed, we’ve got you covered. Ultimately, our goal is to ensure we don’t disrupt your business and give you a clean store where you and your customers will love working. 

Rave Reviews For Our Customer Service 

You’ll easily be able to see just how committed we are to excellence, thanks to the amazing reviews we get from our satisfied customers. We’re proud of our clients’ reviews, and we’re always working hard to make sure we build and maintain their trust in our commercial cleaning company. When our clients give us positive feedback, we know we’re meeting our clients’ needs and providing exceptional cleaning services to their place of work. It’s an honor we take great pride in achieving.

Green Cleaning Services 

Something else that makes us stand out from the crowd is that we’re dedicated to taking care of the environment and your well-being, and that’s why we provide green cleaning services that prioritize eco-friendly products and practices, meaning we reduce the use of harmful chemicals yet still manage to give you impeccable cleaning and cleanliness in the workplace.

Retail Stores We Clean in NYC

Clothing and Apparel Stores

Clothing and apparel stores need to be kept clean and tidy, and we ensure that clothing racks, shelves, and even mannequins are dust-free and arranged well so you can showcase your products and people will want to buy them. Our janitors can visit your stores before or after hours to ensure your space is ready to receive customers. Our cleaning duties typically include cleaning work spaces, shelves, racks, restrooms, high dusting, window washing, and general detail cleaning. But we can also include other areas of your shop that will need regular cleaning maintenance, like change rooms, storage areas, or break rooms. Give us a call today to discuss your unique cleaning needs.


Boutique stores sell all kinds of things, but no matter what it is you’re selling at your shop, it has to be clean, and it has to be displayed in a clean environment. When we clean a boutique in NYC, we clean the store shelves, computer stations, and can clean your carpet or wash your floors. Plus, we provide window cleaning services that will make your storefront shine so your customers want to come in inside. If you have special cleaning needs for your boutique, let us know, and we will create a custom cleaning schedule for your business.


No one’s going to trust pills and medication if they’re covered in dust, so having expert cleaners come into your pharmacy and keep things clean is paramount. Pharmacies have to be sterile places, and rigorous cleaning of countertops to keep them free from fingerprints, smudges, and grime is needed to meet stringent health and safety protocols. Our team of professional janitors is trained in medical facility cleaning standards and can sterilize your space so it meets government regulations. You can expect us to clean prescription areas, wipe down all surfaces and shelves with microbial disinfectants, and use healthcare-approved mop coverings to wash your floors. In some instances, we will also employ sterile pre-wetted wipes. Moreover, we will clean all items on shelves, wipe down the inside of your cupboards, clean your pharmacy’s display booths, and we will ensure your pharmacy trash cans are sanitized inside & out.

Appliance Store 

Appliance stores have large display items, and they all need to be kept looking their best so that customers want to buy these fridges, stoves, and washers & dryers. When you hire a commercial cleaning company, we will regularly clean your appliances, windows, floors, and surface areas, which will make your store and these large appliances look fresh and clean every day. Since people come in and out of your store constantly, walking all over the floor, touching doors, windows, and your appliance products, this means that the store and the appliances will get smudged and streaked! Hiring a professional cleaning company will ensure your store and the products you sell will continue to shine.

Jewelry Stores

Our jewelry store cleaning company provides detail cleaning, floor washing or carpet cleaning, and high-low dusting and will clean any high-touch areas. Moreover, our janitors will clean your glass cabinets and display cases, so people can easily see inside them to choose the beautiful rings, watches, and necklaces your jewelry store is selling. All of our janitors are fully insured and bonded, so you can rest assured your jewelry is in safe hands. If you have any additional cleaning needs, like steam cleaning your carpets, please let us know. We customize all of our cleaning schedules to fit our client’s unique retail store cleaning needs.   

Automobile Dealerships 

Auto Dealership cleaning services are offered at our company. We would be happy to wash your floors, clean and restock your restrooms, take out the trash, and wash your storefront windows. Don’t forget your waiting areas, which need to be spotless to give a good impression to your potential customers. It’s one thing to have beautiful, sparkly vehicles on display, but for the automobiles to look their best, the rest of the dealership should look just as fresh and new as the vehicles you want to sell.

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If you need a professional cleaning company with plenty of experience and all the tools needed to ensure your retail space looks and smells clean on a regular basis, you need Four Star General Cleaning Service. If your retail store is in the NYC area, call (212) 741-9400 or fill out our free cleaning estimate today!

Kai Khalid best-NYC-cleaning-company

Four Star cleaning does an excellent job and have the best rates! Before hiring them I shopped around to many other places and I did not find better rates or service anywhere else. Amazing customer service as well!