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Green Cleaning Services

Our green cleaning services will leave your facility clean and without leaving harmful airbourne chemicals. When cleaning, there are workers who use everyday products and substances that affect their health and the environment. Some cleaners produce irritation, allergies, and many are carcinogenic. Detergents also emit some volatile toxins.

At Four Star Cleaning Service, we feel that the environment is an essential thing for respect and for the wellness of everybody. So we use only cleaning supplies like green cleansers, green cleaning agents, organic disinfectants and environmentally friendly deodorants.

Environmentally Friendly Green Cleaning Supplies

We do an effective job with eco-friendly cleaning supplies. The cleaning supplies we use are as good (if not better) at cleaning than the non-green products are. If the goal of a professional cleaning company is to make sure that your office doesn’t just look nice, but removes dirt and germs, it’s pointless to use products that get rid of the germs on the floor but create germs in the air.

Our goal is not just to make sure the office looks clean but is environmentally clean, this includes the visible contaminants on the floor as well as the non-visible toxins in the air. At Four Star General Cleaning, we are able to use cleaning supplies that don’t contain toxins.

Our Commitment at Four Star General Cleaning Service:

  1. Utilize only environmentally sound cleaning and maintenance programs.
  2. Promote water and energy conservation in its choice of cleaning equipment and systems.
  3. Reduce waste and consumption of finite resources. Promote and participate in recycling programs.
  4. Continuously be an advocate for greener, healthier, and more sustainable cleaning.

If you are interested in hiring an environmentally conscious cleaning company that will get rid of bacteria without adding others, please contact us for a free estimate so we can prove to you how superior natural cleaning products are at doing a thorough cleaning.

Keep Your Office Clutter Free
Keeping your working space clutter free can be more than a dream. Section off your office like a pie and work one area at a time. Consider how frequently each item is used. Ask is it nice or necessary? Nice are history (give them away to friends) and those items rarely used shouldn't be far behind.
We work with many different kinds of offices, including:
  • Office Buildings
  • Schools & Universities
  • Retail Facilities
  • Banks
  • Medical Offices
  • Computer Firms
  • Industrial Lofts
  • Other Commercial